Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY: Lovebird Wreath

I decided to update my front door wreath for Valentine's Day. I wanted a simple, cute little wreath. I already had a gold wreath up I made for Christmas with two turtle doves. I purchased the wreath and the doves from the Dollar Tree.
You might remember I made my own Dollar Tree bug wreath for Halloween because apparently the Dollar Tree and I know how to get DIY door wreaths done like none other. Anyway, for this wreath, you'll need wool roving, a felting needle, and a felting block. If you want an easier DIY wreath, you can simply use acrylic felt sheets from the craft store.

I chose Valentine-y colors. I bought my roving at the local yarn shop in Olympia.

This is the felting block and felting needle from the same shop, Canvas Works.

Here is the Christmas wreath I'll be jazzing up.

The whole felting process is kind of hard to explain. You basically poke a small piece of wool with a needle for a while. You have to poke through the wool into the foam block. The needle has tiny little barbs that fuse the wool together. Science! Christine is the best at felting. She's felted mushroom rattles, a bunny, acorns, a sand dollar, a sperm whale, squid, and a ray, and a narwhal whale! When I look at it all, I'm super amazed by her skills. Plus, she just finished felting our mom a little owl for Christmas (pictures soon to come).

Here is a photo progression of what felting looks like. Poke it a bit and then you get a heart!

Make as many you as want in different sizes and colors.

Once you have enough hearts, tuck them around your vine wreath. I didn't want to glue them on because I might want to use this wreath for Christmas again. Plus, the little wool hearts stayed put. Of course, my special crafting assistant, Peanut, was there to monitor the entire process.

Hang the wreath up on your door. Now the little love birds have all the hearts to keep them company.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is just so cute, and of course that includes the shot of Peanut with the heart on her head! LOL! I just finished making a set of Christine's confetti paper hearts to send to my friend's 9-year old son (stuffed with stickers) and I guess now I need to start learning how to felt little hearts to include with the paper ones he'll tear open. I just can't keep up with you crafty sisters! :)

    1. Oh Heather that makes me so happy that you made Christine's little confetti hearts! I would have loved sticker-filled-hearts when I was 9 (or 20...or now).


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