Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween gilded bug wreath

Halloween is only 2 weeks away! You know what that means? You better get to getting on your golden bug door wreath...
You may remember that I've been busy knitting on a secret project. Well, I've still been working hard on the project, but it's taking forever and a day. I also had a little accident...

Consider the image below a reenactment of what went wrong. Now, don't fret, my thumb is healing nicely and I think in no time I will be flying through the purls and knits on my secret project. In the meantime, I crafted a wreath. And you should too!

In order to make your wreath, you'll need roughly $2 and some paint and glue. I checked out the local Dollar Tree and found a wicker wreath form (perfectly wickery for Halloween), some colorful bugs and some black bugs (these came in a mixed pack). Both of these items were $1 each, go figure!

I decided to spray paint the wreath black to make it extra Halloween-y. I also debated spray painting the bugs gold, silver, or all black. I decided gold bugs with a black wreath would look best. I didn't document the spray painting part, but it's pretty simple. Just lay the bugs out on some newspaper. Cover one side of the bugs with paint. Once dry, turn and spray the other side. Peanut, always willing to assist, was especially interested in the painting. I think this had more to do with going outside than plastic bugs and spray paint.

Once your bugs are dry, position them around the wreath. I had plenty of bugs to choose from: beetles, spiders, and centipedes.

After you have your bugs in place, (CAREFULLY!) use a glue gun and secure said bugs in place. As someone who suffered a third degree burn from a craft project fiasco involving a unicorn stuffed animal and pony beads, I cannot stress the carefully part enough! 

There's not much else to it. When all the bugs are glued on, hang the wreath on your front door (or wherever else you please) and enjoy how creepy it is! I can't think of a better wreath to make for $2!

Make a wreath and customize your colors any way you want!


  1. EWWW! And I mean that in a good way...I think! The wreath certainly hits the Halloween mark of being both creepy and scary. Nice job! :)


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