Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peanut & Purls: The never-ending sock

I've been trying to finish up Nicholas' new winter socks, and I've almost finished them!
I even worked on them tonight at a bowling alley in Tucson (as evidenced by the photo above). I also really love the table top pattern they were sporting. It's like a spirograph with pins and balls!

I finished the first sock last week. Peanut was super exited to use the sock as a kitten scarf. She said it was cozy and kept her oh-so-warm.

Even though I don't NEED more yarn, I went to a couple of yarn shops with Nicholas and his mom. She bought me one of these lovely little balls of 95% lamb's wool and 5% cashmere. It's really soft and feels like it will be a pleasure to knit with.

I'm thinking about knitting this Jared Flood lace wrap with it. Good idea or great idea?

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