Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A question?

That seems like a cop out. It's like titling something Untitled. Hmmm...

Tonight I'm making a vegetable casserole, which, if we were in North Dakota, would be called a hot dish...and it wouldn't have vegetables. Well, maybe some hash browns on top. I'm not going to take a picture of this casserole because I realized after cutting the sweet potato and red bell peppers that I didn't have parmesan cheese (actually, I knew that beforehand) or some kind of decent breadcrumb topping (essential to casseroles everywhere). So, it's a bit slapdash, like I made use of a packet of Shake 'n Bake from 2007. That sort of thing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Who are we kidding?

Nic, you have to start a blog post with a question like I did. That's how blogs work. My posts are probably mainly going to talk about what I did that day. Today I knit, played with cats, and cleaned out my closet. Most of my posts will likely be a cut and paste of that last sentence.

This picture obviously illustrates my knitting and cat activity for the day.
I tried to wake up Genevieve for a picture but she had a wonky eye and no one wants to see that.

PS The crazy neighbor is yipping and hooping at his dogs--calling them "tornado" and what not. He likes people just fine unless they're liberal, Evergreeners, or don't pay property tax.

Let's be honest,

Starting is the worst. Do we go the wow route and try to create something so spectacularly awesome that the entire
blog-o-sphere (a word that exists, yeah? but maybe not hyphenated?) collapses in on itself? Or do we map out the parameters of the blog? Let everyone (and by everyone, I mean ourselves and our audience of zero people) know what we hope to accomplish? Figure out a format? Or just fiddle around? Decision, decisions. The pressure is too much for me, especially when I have no idea what I'm doing. And now I just admitted I have no idea what I'm doing. Add to that the fact that I have no skills and we're looking at a recipe for an incredible mess. Well, it can only get better, right? Just as soon as the sisters dear get on the blog-wagon. (Does that word exist? I wonder...)

Happy birthday, on my honor. Hopefully, we don't regret you at some point down the road.
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