Wednesday, August 31, 2011

acorn love

Yup, I returned to the acorn necklace project for a friend's birthday (Maya, to be exact). Making felted acorns is super easy, and I suppose I should provide a tutorial one of these days...but honestly, it's soooo easy that you probably don't need a tutorial. Just work your felt into a sort of acorny shape (like an eroded pyramid, yeah?) and glue it into a spare acorn cap. You will have to find the caps somewhere. I stole my acorn supply from Catherine & Nicholas' backyard.
I assume they weren't missed. 

Oh, the other thing is that you'll need to drill a couple holes in the acorn cap. It's surprisingly easy.
Um, I'll just go ahead and admit that I use one of my felting needles to accomplish this task.
I know: so bad! But I don't have any drilling implements and the felting needle gets the job done.
I just used a little piece of jewelry wire to make a loop to attach to the necklace. 

See? Easy and sweet.


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