Tuesday, January 4, 2011

crafting critters

I needed something to occupy my hands Sunday night while watching Willow and since I'm currently finished with Second Christmas projects, I decided to have a go at creating a little felted critter. (Why Willow? Wait. Do you mean: Why Willow when we both know it's not that good? Well, Sunday afternoon I discovered an outbreak of mildew living on a sheet of ice on the wall against which my bed sits. Also in my closet. By my clothes and handbags. Ugh. Grossest thing ever. Makes me think about The Kingdom Fungi book again. Shudder, big time. So, after cleaning that up and cranking up the heat to melt the ice, I needed the comfort of Warwick Davis and not the Warwick Davis from Leprechaun 2 {If you sneeze three times, you're his!} because that guy is terrifying. Willow also seemed like a good idea because I had a crush on Val Kilmer {Madmartigan} from this movie {and Tombstone, duh}, but then later I saw him in things like The Saint and Mindhunters and that crush sort of evaporated.)

Um...I've gotten a bit off track.

So, using two felting books, Little Felted Animals and Wool Pets (Laurie Sharp, hailing from the Pacific Northwest, son!), I cobbled together a bunny. If you know the books, you'll probably assume that LFA was the greater influence, but actually WP was way more helpful. I think I shall call this bunny Mr. Horatio Knibbles (Here's his address in case you care to write to him: "Road of Something Indistinguishable, The Woods, Local. Squirrel Post operates from the hollow tree in Green Lane. There's no stamp required. Payment's in nuts to be dropped in at the same time. Six for ordinary delivery. Seven for First Class. Peanuts will do perfectly.")

I solemnly swear that I really and truly love rabbits!
(None of that will make sense without watching the clip. Sorry.)

We all knew it would end like this.

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