Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home and Away: Weekending at home

It seems that I am getting busier and busier, which can be fun, but sometimes I need to stop and sit around the house on the weekend. Let me tell you, if I could, I probably would spend nearly every weekend at home. I always find so many things to do and I love being around Olive, even though she does a lot of napping. 

Last weekend I did just that, but I was pretty productive. I even took down the Christmas tree in time to put up Valentine's Day decorations (aka the heart garland Christine made for me). There's always a reason to celebrate and decorate...

To show that I was productive (and not just sitting around petting my dog while she sleeps), behold... That's right, an unfinished project that I am working on. Wait. I think that I have actually finished it by now, so there. Productivity!

If that's proof that I can be productive, then this is proof that I can be distracted. In the middle of doing some tidying up I decided to start decorating for the next holiday, V- Day. Naturally, I pulled out my heart hole punch from the shelf and went to work.

By work, I clearly mean that I punched five hearts out and adorned my kitchen window sill plants with them. What taxing hard work that was, and to top it all off the punched out heart paper is still sitting on my table. Yikes, but I did enjoy looking at the little hearts when I was doing the dishes, so that works.

I can't wait for next weekend.

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