Saturday, January 5, 2013


Most of my instagrams lately are either cats or snow. These two things occupy the bulk of my wintertime concerns here in the Inland Northwest. And it's not surprising--the snow is there every time I leave the apartment, and a cat comes running and rolling as soon as I enter the apartment. This particular picture is from Snoqualmie Pass--technically Western Washington...

And this is Ryegrass Summit in Eastern Washington--between Ellensburg and Vantage, for those of you who are familiar. Well, if you're familiar then you already know what Ryegrass Summit is: the crest of these rolling hills after you leave Ellensburg. On the east side of Ryegrass Summit (which is basically just reststops and wind turbines) you drive down through the hills towards the Columbia River. it's really quite lovely. Um, why am I still explaining this?

Sometimes when I'm trekking through the innards of the Museum, I happen to have my phone on me. I usually take a couple pictures because I'm always interested in what's behind the gray door (that's museum speak for the collections storage/prep area of the museum) and I just assume everyone else is as well. So, this is outside the collections office. A giant crate which recently held a freshly taxidermied condor, a huge fish of indeterminate (in my opinion) origin, and a small display case. All just hanging out together. Like we do.

I was compelled to hang some Christmas lights above my sink--not because it's the nineties and I'm 19 and this is my first time living alone and I think Christmas lights strung up everyone are totally cool (Duh, I'd use chili pepper lights for that.), but rather the fluorescent lights have recently died in the kitchen and with just one little overhead in the corner, it gets pretty dark in there. Like you needed to know the history of the lighting situation in my kitchen.

And finally because I didn't want to subject you to six GIANT, mostly blurry pictures of Matilda dominating a knitted hedgehog filled with catnip, I made a little compilation. Seriously, my instagram feed has been cat overload lately (as previously mentioned). I just want to document her little face and round skunk belly. All. The. Time. It's a sickness really. A terrible, wonderful sickness from which I never want to be cured.

P.S. That brown shaggy monstrosity that appears in any floor-level apartment picture was not chosen by me. As if. It came with the apartment (like the fluorescent lights in the kitchen) and once after laying on it, Catherine said it had made her all itchy. Could be. Whatevs. Matilds and I are laying on it all the time, as evidenced above.

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