Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peanut & Purls: Woodland shawl

Now that second Christmas is over, I can reveal what I've been working on! Unfortunately it's not finished yet, but Christine is a very patient person, and she'll have her wrap soon enough.
Before I reveal all the wrap's details. Let me give you a sneak peek at what second Christmas was all about.

Now doesn't that look like fun? It does because it was! We'll show you some more of the goodies from second Christmas in due time.
Ok, so on to the dets about the wrap. The pattern is Woodland Shawl by Nikol Lohr. You can find it on Ravelry, obviously. The yarn is actually something you've seen before. I blogged about it after Nicholas and I went down to Portland. It's Malabrigo Lace in polar. 

The pattern is really easy to remember, but it doesn't knit up very fast. I've promised Christine that I will finish this before winter is over...I don't think she believes me.

When I look at how much I still have to go, I don't know if I'm convinced that I'll ever finish it, but I am determined! I just need to keep reminding myself that I finished this little gem, so I can finished anything. PS, I didn't tell you, but that shawl kept some classy shoulders warm last week at the Governor's ball. Yeah that's right, it's one classy shawl! 

Stay tuned.


  1. It looks beautiful - however, I was NOT surprised to see that it does not knit up fast! But it is so pretty I want to try it! I wonder how much a thicker yarn and larger needles would help...

    1. I think thicker yarn and needles would work just fine. You could decrease the number of stitches and go to town! Let me know if you do, it would be cool to see how it knits up.


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