Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make: Pressed Plants

One of the many wonderful perks about being home is sifting through all the awesome estate sale finds from the past year. This one is courtesy of Christine and is super amazing. Yes, that's right, an entire box of nature pressings from the Tacoma area in 1965!

We believe a school project may have inspired the collector to start cataloging these specimens. Whatever the case, we are excited to enjoy them now...
These pressing, are very easy to make and would be a lovely addition in pretty much any living space. I feel like all my weird fauna collecting (or treasures) may have found their two dimensional purpose.

Here are the four pressings that traveled back to Burbank with me, and their notations;

Family: Pinaceae
Se. Name: Pinus Contorta
Common Name: Lodgepole Pine
Locality: Parkland, WA
Habitat: Wide Range
Remarks:  2 needle bundle, oval, spiny cone
Date Collected: 6-23-65
Collector: Hould

Family:  Cupressaceae 
Se. Name: Thuja Plicata
Common Name: Western Red Cedar
Locality: Parkland, WA
Habitat: Best west of Cascades to 3500'
Remarks: Scales tightly pressed together
Date Collected: 6-23-65
Collector: Hould

Family: Cupressaceae
Se Name: Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana
Common Name: Port Orchard Cedar
Locality: Parkland, WA
Habitat:  Southwest Oregon
Remarks: Branches end drooping fernlike
Date Collected: 6-23-65
Collector: Hould

Family:  Cupressaceae
Se Name: Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis
Common Name: Yellow Cedar
Locality: Crystal Mountain, WA
Habitat: West Olympics- 3000'-7000'- in Cascades
Remarks: Prickly cedar-like foliage, stringy bark
Date Collected:  7-11-65
Collector: Hould

Well there you have it, now I just need to find some fitting frames and start my own pressing collection!

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