Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home and Away: Weekend Washington

I took a mini vacation and went home for an extended weekend, and for the Nicolai Christmas! It was so much fun, I love being at my Washington home. I always make sure that my plane seat is prime for seeing Mount Rainier.

Also, there are cats in Washington! I love my Olive, but I also love Mr. Bruno Jenkins, and he loves me too.

Speaking of cats, but shifting to rude cats, there's also Peanut in Washington. Peanut made it a point to make a shawl of herself on Christine so many times I have about 50 pictures like this; but I have to say this one is my favorite.

When we were in Olympia visiting Catherine, she took us over to the Bark and Garden, so Mom could look at their wide selection of gardening tools. Christine and I looked at their wide assortment of massive yard decorations.

A visit to Catherine's wouldn't be complete without me taking pictures of things in her house that I like (this is the nature of sisters coming in to your house, we will take pictures). I love this little succulent planter, featuring one of her golden corgi.

And finally now I can join the club of Peanut and... DIY cocktail napkins. Thanks Peen.

I had a great time visiting with my family and friends back home. Thanks for some more memories Washington. I'll see you when it gets warmer and the sun peaks out (to be fair to this fine state, it didn't rain one time when I was home, it was kind of amazing.).

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