Saturday, January 26, 2013


These past couple weeks have been all about working, driving, fog/snow/ice storms, post-Christmas cleaning, and thank you notes. These things are not all equally represented on my instagram feed. You are quite welcome, by the way...

I found these presidential paper heads at the Library & Archives. I have no clues as to their purpose, but I think they're pretty swell. If I'm not mistaken, there is also a floating paper leg amidst the jumble of heads. Yikes!

This is what the prairie section of Washington usually looks like during the winter months: dreamy and serene. It's also windy and very cold, as you might guess. Also cold: the Cascades. Cold but sunny, I'll give them that.

Finally, look at this little weirdo. She's just so happy to be sitting on my lap, interrupting all my crafting.  And truthfully, I'm happy to have her. Best lap warmer!

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All this could be yours and more! I swear it. 

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