Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brief Musical Interlude: Andrew Bird & St. Vincent

Possibly I've been listening to much too much Andrew Bird lately, but there's something about his meandering sound and contemplative lyrics that just loops around and around my brain, making me serene and a little sad. I don't mind. And am I only person who thinks St. Vincent (Annie Clark) is a doll? I mean that in the best, least reductive way possible. 

You'll find a tidy little review of Andrew Bird's album, Break It Yourself (on which "Lusitania" appears), on Pitchfork. And if you've never poked around the wonderful French site, La Blogotheque, you simply must. They feature a wide range of amazing musicians, as well as performances called Les Concerts a Emporter or Take Away Shows. Here's my favorite Andrew Bird take away from 2007. Oh, the whistling! 

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