Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY: Cocktail Napkins

More second Christmas treasures revealed! The Nicolai's love their tea towels, (embroidered, dyed, inked, or printed) so I hoped the same love would be extended to cocktail napkins. These particular cocktail napkins were inspired by Anthropologie's Naraka Napkins, and here's how I made them...

Plain cotton blend fabric, that I waited in a crazy Saturday line to purchase. You're welcome, sisters. Also, I used part of a cd case as a pattern to cut the fabric. The case was from an awesome mix tape Christine made me.

Did some basic hemming, it was awesome. The tension in my bobbin was messed up for a while and it kept cutting through the thread. Super weird, went from working perfectly to me having to stop and set the machine aside before I lost it. Magically when I came back later it worked fine. Thanks bobbin fairies!

To decorate my napkins I used some embroidery floss, and the running stitch to make some lines, then added embroidery floss tassels. To decorate others I used some rick rack that Mom gave me when I was home last August.

Cocktail napkins with tassels.

Napkins featuring rick rack.

I really enjoyed this project, it was a great excuse to use some fun colors and get a bit wild. That is a good representation of how tame I am... sewing napkins at home on the weekend, and using bold color variations. Whoa. Crazy. Monika, you better check yo-self.


  1. Monika,
    These turned out super cute and I'm sure whoever received these loved them.
    I like simplicity of the embroidery and rick rack. These are a "must make" item for me now.

  2. I am so impressed by that neat corner you sewed! maybe someday I'll learn to do the same.


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