Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make: Kittens!

Last year for Valentines Day I made little kittens for my Mom and the sisters, to stay consistent, I didn't actually deliver them until March when I went home for my birthday last year. The way I look at it, who doesn't want to get a little something for themselves on someone else's birthday? If you follow the blog you may recognize the cats as Peanut, Matilda and Beatrix (aka little baby black bear)...

I found the above weird cat toys at a gas station when I stopped to get Kleenex and cold medicine (which I never take) because I was a little sick and going to Universal Studios with Ben's parents. It was a pretty eventful day. I got these cats and had my picture taken with my head inside a replica of Jaws.

Obviously, the above cats are pretty weak in the awesomeness category, so I decided to customize and paint them...and cut one of their tails off. 

Uh oh. Watch out little miniature Peanut, the original is watching you... and she is very, very, very bad.


  1. What a cute idea!! Is Beatrix a bobtail?


    1. Thanks Mackenzie! I'll tell you that even though B is a bobtail, I felt super rotten about cutting the plastic cat's tail off.

  2. Cute idea, with what did you paint them? :)

    1. Thanks Linda, I just used a gloss tempera paint. It involved a lot of coats.


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