Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cat crap!

Matilda went to the vet today and got two shots--just routine vaccines. But before Thanksgiving Matilda's health was a different story. She suddenly stopped eating and then she stopped crapping (probably the two were related). I was worried she had everything from stomach cancer to a toothache, and I ended up taking her to the vet in a snowstorm, which totally stressed me out. It was some mysterious cat stomach malady, baffling to modern science. But she threw up and then didn't eat for two more days, and now she's fine--eating and crapping again. Go figure.

The first couple times she crapped, I actually called Mom and Catherine to tell them in a rush of excitement: Matilda just took a poo! And then I'm sure I described the consistency and other pertinent poo information. The celebration is starting to taper a bit at this point. Although, I did congratulate Matilda this afternoon for a crap well done. (Sorry I've spent the last few sentences talking about cat crap, but you should have realized what you were in for at the title.) If you're still reading, it's your own fault.

As I've likely exhausted the title subject, here's today's Christmas treat.
It's actually a treat for Matilda: a festive green sparkle ball.
In this picture she's lurking. In real life she's sleeping
on the pillow. Like the kitten princess of my dreams!
P.S. No falls today, but the snow has been melting. We'll see what to tomorrow brings--it'll probably bring my ass to the bottom of my steps.

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