Friday, December 10, 2010

Pre-Christmas, Real Christmas, Second Christmas

The sisters are getting a couple early Christmas presents. I mailed them Tuesday, so they should be arriving...well, today! Normally Christmas presents would wait until Christmas, but this year, our Christmas has been postponed until January. Have we explained Second Christmas yet? OK, I'll fix that right now. Monika and I can't make it home for real Christmas, so we're all assembling at Mom's house on January 14th for Second Christmas. This means that a couple presents--ornaments--can't wait until January. So, Christmas is coming a little bit early to two lucky sisters. It's Pre-Christmas!

Just what's in their packages?

For Monika
For Catherine

For both of them

Oh, and a couple other things that I made. No big deal.

Nature silhouettes

Maple leaf

(fox in the background)


Cotton paper, cut with an X-acto knife.

The glass ornaments were purchased at Michael's Crafts for $2.00.

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