Thursday, December 2, 2010

Typewriters, piranhas, and regret.

Before I say anything about the pictures I plan to post, I want to say that Matilda just jumped up on the bookshelf and grabbed the little lamb toy and carried it off in her mouth. That lamb was lost for three days this week because Matilda hid it under the ottoman. And she delivered the lamb to the foot of my bed no fewer than six times last Saturday night. She's a lamb-grabbing menace!

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure how I felt
about the wreath when I first saw it. I think it's the
fuzziness of the fake pine...slightly off-putting.
So, I found this wreath in the basement at an estate sale like three weeks ago (or whenever it was that Spokane was pre-snow). The basement also held a very cool old dollhouse and a somewhat ancient typewriter. It's always been something of a decorative object dream of mine to own an ancient typewriter. I can only assume that I share this desire with about a million other writer-types and hipsters. Wouldn't it be totally awesome to get an old Underwood and put it on the table so that people will know I'm a super-hip writer person? Yeah, hypothetical person, it so would be.

(Quick aside: Back when I worked at the thrift store {in high school and part of community college}, we used to get crazy old typewriters in all the time. They'd be like $15.00 because no one who worked there cared about that stuff. They cared about Beanie Babies and FUBU jeans {yeah, that dates me}. But I never bought one. Such regret. Oh, and another massive regret from the thrift store days: the time I did not buy that piranha. Yes, it was slightly manky, but seriously--how did I not come home with that? Total idiot move. Regret. Regret. Regret.)

Anyway, I didn't buy the estate sale basement typewriter. It was priced a bit high and wasn't in very good shape. But I did buy the wreath. It was $4.00. And then I also bought a massive stack of postcards, including one of my favorite types of postcards...That's right! The cheesy hotel room postcard! It was a bonus day.

I'm not sure where this will end up hanging--certainly not on the
back of the bathroom door, which is its current location.
In the end, its iridescent pinkness won me over.
Plus, this was the box it came in.
You could open a line of credit with that kind of class.

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