Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ghastly. Awful. All words to describe my mood today. What's my problem exactly? Problems, to be precise. But after that precision, I'm going to be coy and not provide specifics on the problems. It falls under the category of references to Rufus lyrics, please see: which for several reasons we won't mention. So why bring it up at all? No idea. That's just something you do in blogs, right? Reveal and withhold. Well, well, well, just like in books. Of course, you must always be careful not to reveal or withhold too much--you run the risk of losing your reader. Watch out, reader.

I think, despite my attempts, I'm not quite in the Christmas spirit this year. I'm still sans tree, and thus, decorations and Christmas lights (all a very big deal for me). Hopefully, at some point I'll quit my moping and get a tree. That'll fix my little red wagon for sure.
This is my tree from last year. Oh, how I long for it
and for my Henry VIII ornament.
So today at work (not at the Museum. I also work a few days a week at Fairchild AFB), I had three very special names cross my desk.

1. Ms. Bennet
2. Mr. Wickham
3. Mr. Collins

That's right! All from Pride and Prejudice! I had quite the exciting nerd moment when I realized. Shortly thereafter, I decided I would make potato leek soup for dinner. The two are, as you might guess, unrelated, but they both fall under the category Things that happened today (with an unwritten to me in there). And that category is often mined for the blog.

The other item I wanted to mention is that I took care of the lack of blog posts from Sunday and Monday, and when I did this, I changed the dates, so you'll actually have to go back to those days to read the posts. What a jerk, right? And why do something that smacks of such artifice? I don't know. I just like things neat and sequential, even if that sequence is contrived. Beware the looming authorial presence...

OK, time to eat some soup and drink some beer and write some Christmas cards (that will hopefully be filled with all the merriment due the season).

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