Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Christmas time!

Yeah, yeah, yeah first Christmas is fine and all, but I have high hopes for second Christmas this year. Lots of things happened--Bruno loved all of Nick and beat up on Matilda. Bruno talked to Peanut (who is as bad as ever). I put on the "boys earring." I wrapped a bunch of presents that look really nice. I made fun of Nick whose presents took the shape of the contents (he doesn't like using boxes). Last night I finally took down party decorations from Mother's 60th but not before Penelope had herself a little kitten photo-shoot.
See for yourself!
She's not ready to stop the partying.

Nick's presents.

My presents

Well this one was really Stephanie's house-warming present, but I believe you can use the same wrapping paper for Christmas, house-warmings, and birthdays.

She attacked these moments later.

Hand knit coffee sleeve for Chelsey.

Mother's Christmas tree.

Bruno goes gaga for Nick every single time!

The feeling is mutual.

You can see the big bird ornament in the background...and of course Peanut.

Christmas jam-jam! Me circa 1989. I'm also wearing my favorite dress ever. GOOSE DRESS!

I used to hate this goose and would hide it, but now it's one of my favorites. This is my mother's "governor's goose." She got it from Governor Booth Gardner's wife when she was invited to a luncheon at the Governor's mansion. It's kind of funny looking.

I used to be mad that my stocking wasn't quite red but more of an orange-red (think Ariel from Little Mermaid's hair color), but now I like it better this way.


I don't know what Bruno is saying, maybe, "get off my hamper!" 

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