Friday, December 31, 2010

Meat, knives, and cold, cold, cold weather

The beef is here. I mean: The beef is here! Ten pounds of rouladen-cut top round. Wah-wow! (That's the sound in Tetris when you get a super-slam {it's not called that, but it should be}). I'm cooking some tonight and freezing the rest for the next rouladen occasion. And I'm in love with Crown Foods (the butcher's), serving Spokane since 1956. The son, Scott, cut my beef and sharpened my knives. The mother ( I don't know her name but she's in her eighties) rang me up on an ancient cash register with a crank handle she pulled to open the drawer. It was so excellent. I need to develop a keener taste for flesh, so I can go back again.

Right inside this bag. I can only assume the D stands for delectable.
With this receipt.

Investigated by this kitty.
Five knives have been sharped and are ready to go. Not that this dish
requires five knives-it's just that I had them all sharpened at once.
Smart move on my part.
Sunset in Browne's Addition. Walking home from the Museum tonight
was nowhere near as frosty as this morning...when it was 1 degree.

Patsy Clark's mansion. On the way home, so why not take a picture?
Walking and freezing and ducking under branches.
OK, so time to begin cooking. I'll have the recipe, process, and results tomorrow...when I will, most likely, be in a meat coma. I can't wait!

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