Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer, fun for all that children call their favorite time of year...

So it's finally here, well I would have thought I was in a perpetual Fall with the slow pace of the seasons here in Burbank. But reality refuses to be ignored and time doesn't wait for the trees to
turn. Had I not been constantly reminded of the season by all the festivities around me I very well may have missed it. This place may not have snow or icy mornings but where it lacks rosy cheeks it makes up for it with lights and holiday scenes illuminating front lawns. We too got in the spirit, we have a tree, put up lights and finally made our Christmas elf (who we actually enjoy all year round) feel like less of a sad loner.

But mainly I wanted to tell everyone Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Fill your shoes with treats for St. Nicholas' horse and to show his gratitude he will leave you some lovely small gifts. Well, someone will. Sadly St. Nicholas has passed, actually morbidly enough, his date of demise was on December 6th. It makes Christine posting her new slippers a little more meaningful to me knowing that if she placed inside them something a horse would delight in, she just may wake up to some frozen candy on her porch (which she would probably fall off of when she was attempting to retrieve her treasures). This picture of St. Nick is of him rescuing the murdered children. A little late if they were already murdered eh?

And now for some more Christmas...

This is my treasure that I found under a strange tree... in the parking lot of a craft store. I found it the day we got our Christmas tree and all our decorations out so obviously I now associate it with Christmas and plan on putting a red ribbon around it. Obviously.

Here is our Christmas tree. Can you find the lucky pickle? Probably not because I don't think the picture is too clear, trust that it is on there.

This will eventually have Christmas meaning.

Even though this was in November it felt like Christmas to me. There is snow on the Castle for goodness sake. It counts.

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  1. I'll put a cracker in my slipper...for the murdered children, not the horse.


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