Monday, December 6, 2010

I'll stick with you, baby, for a thousand years.

And it all folds down. Miracle of modern design!
I've been listening to a lot of David Bowie over the past week (not exactly in keeping with the Christmas music pledge I made, I know). But Golden Years seems like the perfect accompaniment to today's installment of Christmas joy, which is all golden goodness.

I found all these items at what appears to be a perpetual estate sale inside a building which also houses a day spa. Weird, huh? You have to walk past the spa's reception desk to access the estate sale area (which is in the back and the attic--it's a crazy old building. Very cool, in my opinion).

You can just make out the Japan mark in the center.
I had originally collected all these branches for wreath-
making, but I just haven't gotten around to it. They're
currently acting as a stand-in for the Christmas
tree, which will arrive one of these days.

These accordion-belly birds are all from Denmark.
Danes are the best.

Most of the birds are slightly yellow-bellied, although I'm sure it's no
reflection of their character, which is undoubtedly sweet.

Only one has a pink belly. Sadly, three of the five birds have mostly
mangled tails. Still, I think they're wonderful.

Like Danes, birdies are the best.
Golden years. Whop. Whop. Whop.

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