Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two down.

Yup, I fell again today. Seriously. Steps in front of my apartment again, but this time I only went down three or so. And the steps were basically ice-free! There was just a little spot of ice on the edge of one step. Sigh. The good news is that I didn't re-injure my left foot and leg (I think...I hope). Of course, I injured my right foot. I'm officially out of uninjured feet, so I can't really afford to fall for the next week or so. And believe me, those bruises are piling up and getting dark.

Enough of that business. Tonight was the Wassail Party at the Campbell House (the historic house at the Museum {where I work}). We set up a little table full of items from the Museum Store. We were located between the library and the conservatory, and let me tell you, that little corner was cold. Apparently, they weren't insulation geniuses in 1898.

The Wassail Party is a Members-only Holiday event where sections of the Campbell House that are not normally accessible during the tour are opened up. We also have cookies and wassail (the rum is optional {I chose rum. I will always choose rum.}), Christmas carols in the library, and a very authentic Father Christmas in the foyer. My plan was to wander the house for a bit and take a bunch of pictures, but I ended up spending the evening behind our store table. And it's pretty dark in the house because the lighting is period, so I only have one picture that turned out anywhere near decent. Just imagine thirty people singing
O Holy Night while an elderly gentleman plays the piano and about seventy-five others mill around eating cookies and sipping seasonal drinks laced with rum. Festive, right?

The library is all decorated for Christmas.
All right. I'm going to elevate my ankle now and hope that tomorrow is not a repeat of today.

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