Monday, December 13, 2010

Into the blackness...

Of the forest (the Schwarzwald, Black Forest auf English) and the night (on a Horizon Bombardier Q400). Mom, Catherine, and I went to the German bakery in Lakewood for sandwiches and Black Forest birthday cake. I don't have pictures of that because I wasn't thinking, but I did take a picture of the delicious pretzel we ate with mustard. So good. I'd eat it again in a second. All of it.

I want this in my mouth right now.

As for the plane ride, it was turbulent. But I'm fine with turbulence. You know that feeling in your stomach when the plane suddenly pitches down? Like the bottom half of your body has come loose from the top and maybe you'll pee your pants? Yeah, I kind of enjoy that. So, it was fine for me, even though it was too turbulent, apparently, to serve drinks. That was a bummer because I was so looking forward to my little plastic cupful of complimentary Northwest-crafted beer.

But I made it back to Spokane and Matilds, who was so thrilled to see me that she spent the night using my hip as her pillow. She's a sweet-bean!

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