Saturday, November 6, 2010

sucker for succulents.

I realize I haven't actually completed my succulent post yet (It's coming...someday.), so when I say this thing I'm going to say, most of you probably won't have much for a frame of reference. Sorry.

I bought another succulent today.

You can see why I had to buy it.

This is terrible news! I mean, it's not as terrible as something along the lines of: I slapped your mom. or I poisoned the well. But I have this succulent thing going that's honestly taking over my life. Well, at least all my window space. I'm starting to look like a crazy plant lady, and I think Catherine would agree. In my defense, I only have one window that gets the kind of light succulents and cacti require (for the record, I don't have any cacti on the premises.). Also, there are just SO MANY awesome succulents out there. How can I not continue to add amazing specimens to my collection? Besides, you love it, right? Or you're creeped out by it. Either way, what bliss! (Yup, modified line from The Addams Family.)

It's a Senecio, more commonly known as String of Pearls.

This reminds me of something from childhood... Sisters, want to weigh in? Some kind of bead necklace, where the beads can be popped together? And maybe, just maybe you want to chew on those beads? I know I do. This succulent better have some defenses.

So sweet! P.S. The scarf is from Monika.

I found the Senecio at Ritters Nursery in Spokane (which I am now a big fan of {Ugh. The construction of that parenthetical is awful!}), and I went there because I saw an advert for a Vintage & Holiday Show this weekend. (Their title for it is weird. Maybe they just didn't want to call it a Vintage/Holiday/Craft Fair/Bazaar. Whatever.) This brings me to my next point: I bought a little ring at the vintage show. See below.

Awww, a little bird's nest nestled on a deer ear.
(ring by Ladybird Creations)

I did take a couple pictures of the ring on my finger. My real live finger. But my hand looked so weird and dead that I decided to find another display option. This deer box was right there and ta-da! The perfect ring-holder.

OK, time to eat some pizza and watch you-know-what (The West Wing...shhh).

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