Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the night. In the dark.

I attended the Beacon Hill Reading Series tonight and had the pleasure of listening to two awesome people--Laura Read (a poet) and Shawn Vestal (a fiction writer)--do what they do best. Because these two are so very talented, they draw a crowd of other totally legit writers, which means I ended up running into a bunch of people who were in the Eastern MFA program with me. Seeing all of those of those terrific people still in Spokane made me really miss all those terrific people who have moved to other exciting locales (three examples: Indianapolis, Toledo and Bellingham, WA). I had to come home and dance around the living room while listening to Cake (Yes, again. What?) to burn off a bit of the nostalgia trip. When that didn't work, I threw a sparkle ball around for Matilds a bit, ate a couple dates, and finally gave into the nostalgia and broke out the postcards.

So, as you've probably surmised, from the stacks and stacks of old postcards I buy at estate sales, I love postcards. Really, it's a love of actual paper correspondence of any kind, but postcards especially. I'm just winding up a week of postcards from my dear friend, Abbie. Every once in a while, I'll send a week's worth of pc's to a friend or sister dear (one a day, for seven days) and then they reciprocate. It's lovely. I highly recommend you give it a go.

And now for some classic postcards.

From Abbie.
I think you'll agree that the sight of this motel bedroom sets  the heart quickening. Anything could  happen here.
Things with Russell Crowe and David Bowie could happen here. 
(Also, I must say that I LOVE old postcards of crazy motel rooms and streets, and airport waiting areas. Any painfully
 ordinary, slightly shabby place that someone has decided must be memorialized through the postal service. Fantastic.)

From Dan.
Just look at that picture. Who else was going to receive this card?
(Postcard is "Witness" by Nikki McClure)

From Maya.
I haven't actually witnessed a bunny this large YET, but my hopes are high for tomorrow.
Plus, I'm pretty sure that's Matt Damon
saddling  this guy up, so I'm assuming where I'll find one I'll find the other.

You be the judge.

From Mike.
This dancing bear is rock n rollin'. Or he's dying.
Either way, he's a Nicolai character in waiting.

From Monika.
I am super-pissed off about my stereo & my Portishead cd!

From Abbie.
They're having a great time--except the two who have fallen & look
utterly dismayed. But they'll get back on the horse. We have to believe they will.

From Catherine.
Edie! Oh Edie darling! What? I don't have warts. Yeah, in a minute.
No one wants to have sex with you, you're old. Marble faun.

From Dan.
In the night. In the dark. No one will come any nearer than town.

About a year ago, I started keeping a postcard album. All my postcards are tucked securely behind their little plastic sleeves (when they're not busy hanging out on the bookshelf), just waiting for a night like tonight.

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