Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm trying to get all my little craft duckies in a row before the beginning of December, when I will officially enter panic mode. Most of the supplies have been collected. Most of the project ideas have been at least partially thought out. Now I just need to start taking craft action, or continue to take craft action. One project is almost complete, but I've spent hours trying to understand the inexplicable logic of my printer. I don't get what's happening. I keep changing settings but the printer stubbornly prints the same exact settings from whatever maniacal print job it has stored in its brain. I finally outwitted the printer by doing something seemingly illogical in the human world, but apparently, the printer loves it. So, craft crisis averted, I guess.

Again, I can't really divulge details because the sisters and mother dear will browse the blog before Christmas (Second Christmas, that is), but I'm guessing you won't lose any sleep over it. (If you even care. And maybe you don't. It's not like I've taken a survey or anything.) There will be a total craft explosion about the third week in January. I promise.

A couple other random things that I've been up to.

1) I washed my aloe vera and my peace lily last night (something you need to do every once in while to keep them dust-free) while watching BBC's Life in Cold Blood. Have you seen it? If not, you're missing out. I saw a python eat a deer and learned that constrictors have the ability to push their windpipes outside of their mouths while eating (because their mouths are all full of freshly-suffocated deer, of course). Imagine a prolapsed rectum (or prolapsed anything, really) poking out from the corner of a python's mouth and you've got a pretty good idea what you're missing. That's supposed to entice you to watch the program, by the way.

2) I made some granola last week--with honey. (This reminds me to remind you that when you make granola with honey {rather than maple syrup}, it tends to burn more quickly. Set the oven a bit lower and ramp up your stirring duties {I'm telling you this because I posted a recipe for granola a while back and suggested honey, but forgot to add the honey caveat.}.) I suppose we don't need to go into the exact chain of events, but I spilled a bowlful all over myself and my bed a couple mornings ago. Why do I mention this? Because it started snowing for real today. Yes, it's winter. And winter weather means snow and ice. It also means that I'm pretty likely to take a spill (Who am I kidding? Half a dozen spills at least.) at some point. I just thought I'd bring it up because it'll happen. I'm a total klutz. Spilling granola and soy milk all over myself is not something new.

Last winter was decent.
But the following pictures are from an afternoon snowstorm two years ago. I'm terrified that Nature is in a 2008 state-of-mind this year.

That's my truck. Just wait.
Pretty bad. But does it get worse?
It sure does.

I am not excited.

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