Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still bad...all the time

Today I watched the last episode of The West Wing.  This was a really monumental event, and now I'm just left wondering now what the hell am I going to do? The answer was wrap your windows so you can turn the heat on.  Nick and I wrapped the hell out of the main level of the house. It's still real, real cold in here.

The front door with a shiny new seal on it.

Hold up...first I finished reading this book for class.  It made me realize that it's really not crazy that people believe in witch doctors.  It almost made me believe.

The kitten decided to be real bad today.  The following pictures are from the past couple of days.  She's good for a minute or two and then she turns into a terror.

Good (with sparkle ball)

Bad (with my scarf)

Good (with Bink...this is the good that comes with having a cold house--cuddling cats!)
Good (but this was deceiving...)

Bad (that yellow circle toy on the right is one of the pumpkins that she knocked off the steps)!


Bad (that's my highlighter)

Good (and cute).

Bad (scratches everywhere).


I know that she is probably just going through her bad kitten phase, but after reading this article, I'm going to be on alert. If Penelope starts speaking in a language she doesn't know, has a sudden aversion to  religious objects, or becomes unreasonably'll be time to call in the big guns.


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