Tuesday, November 16, 2010

miscellaneous blather

What to post? What to post? I have a couple Christmas-related things ready (or ready-ish), but I've decided I absolutely cannot get into that business until December begins. So, I'm left with succulents (which I still need to get together), the Washington State Department of Dreams (the state department dedicated to cataloguing and preserving dreams, of course) Dream Log (which is something I came up with like a year ago and haven't done anything about), and the here and there projects I have going (many top secret). So, I watched an episode of The X-Files, ate some leftover spinach lasagna, and decided I'm just too sleepy to accomplish much tonight. (I started nodding off a work today, by the way. Why is my office so very warm? Oh, and boring?)

So, I settled on some items from my collection which seem particularly fall-ish. You know, for visual interest.

These acorn caps were collected in Catherine's yard.

Doesn't this little seed pod look like a cluster of mouths? Like mouths belonging to the beasts from Tremors and
 Tremors 2: Aftershocks. I just impressed the hell out of you, didn't I?

I found this at Finch Arboretum in Spokane.

Also from Finch Arboretum. It goes quite well with my bee collection. Send me your bees!
No, seriously, send me your bees.

And since the meat and potatoes of the blog (that's the text, right?) has already sort of wandered away from anything resembling a theme, I'll just say that last night I did a little writing of the real variety (at least, I hope so {and not to, in any way, diminish the writing we do here, on the blog, that you're reading or not reading right now}). This may explain why I'm all sleepy-time tea tonight.

I'm also trying to decide exactly how much Garth Brooks should be on the party playlist. (Remember? Mom's 60th birthday party is in the all-important planning stage.) Right now, we're at zero Garth Brooks. I'm thinking we should have more than that. Anyone want to weigh in on the perfect music for a party with guests ranging from 25-65 years old (or maybe 70! I honestly don't know.) and that may or may not include dancing at some point? Heavy on the R. Kelly, or no? Please let me know before it's too late.

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