Monday, November 15, 2010

It's oh so's oh so still...

Yesterday my beau and I went up to the beautiful Burbank Hills and took a stroll. It was very lovely, and very serene. The path we walked on went from canyon to crest of the hills surrounding the valley. It was a wonderful day in November, 80 degrees and sunny with a nice cooling breeze. Through out our visit we happened on several creatures and treasures. No mammals, but we saw numerous reptile and raptors. Please enjoy a brief and pleasant journey down this lovely little path in the shadows. On our way up we were able to stop and enjoy some beautiful vantage points. If you look in the distance you can see L.A.

We also made a new little flying friend. I noticed this hawk after I heard him screech to his lady hawk and then they flew around like the crows at the end of Rats of Nimh. It was lovely except they should have had some pretty colored yarn to make aerial hearts with. Next time.

I almost stepped on this little friend, but didn't because I thought he was a skittle. He really didn't choose the best shelter as he was lying on top of a small flat rock in the dead center of the path. He really should have seen he was exposed with all of his prominent eyes.

Oh, I had found this before the spider. It's a very special treasure! This is the only one I could reach off of the tree without falling into some brush that was making some rustling noises. No doubt a mammal, though we didn't see any.

It is lovely and has four cavities separated with thin walls. By the look of the prickly spikes on the exterior, the interior must have been something pretty coveted and amazing.

This is the treasure that Ben found, well he found others, I found this one as my gift to him.

Another lovely little hill.

All in all a nice, quiet, warm afternoon in the desert.


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