Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dirty John Doe


It's really fun to take your mom to the bar (not your mom, my mom).  Thursday night, my mom and I ventured North to take a peek at some of Picasso's paintings.  I hate Picasso. I've always hated Picasso, but even though I hate Picasso, I can still appreciate the collection.  I hated the collection.  It was crowded, and everyone was all ooooohing and aaaahhing over Picasso. Boring, snore.  I also didn't care for the audio guides at this particular exhibit.  Take a look at the portrait in front of you, have you ever heard of Picasso's blue period?  Don't ask me questions when I can't answer you, this isn't Seaseme Street. (I think they do that in Seaseme Street. They definitely do that in Blue's Clues.  Remember that time there was the rumor that Steve from Blue's Clues killed himself?  When really he was just in a band in Seattle, so his brother took over the show and they changed the colors in his striped polo shirt?  Me too.)  Back to the audio guides.  Of course we've heard of Picasso's blue period. At least I would hope that people have heard of it.

This is my mom coming out of the bathroom. Christine, you're welcome.

This is the only painting I liked. Her name is Olga.  Coming your way Christine.

I told mom to go stand by that half-naked man.

Leaving the bar.

Before we went to SAM, we went to The Chapel Bar.  It took us forever to find because Melrose is a tricky little street.  The Chapel bar used to be a mortuary. Awesome.  My mom kept making the joke about how we're going to need a couple drinks to go to the Picasso exhibit (no Nicolai's like Picasso).  My mom ordered the coconut martini but she ordered it like this, "I'll have the coconut [pointing], coconut rum, lime, sugared rim." It was cute. I ordered the ginger.  We had our drinks and talked about public schools.  Next, we split a dirty John Doe (gin martini). My mom really got a kick out of that (tipsy)!  Turns out she wasn't too much of a dirty John Doe fan--didn't stop her from drinking it though.  We looked at some art, bought some stuff in the gift shop, and I did a little documenting. 

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