Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Nicholas and I hit the road for a mini getaway. We started heading east on I-90 and didn't stop until we hit Glacier National Park. It was a quick, easy, and relaxing road trip full of Montana wildlife and pleasant happenings. I don't
 want to say that the highlight of the trip was catching the bison taking a crap on camera, but it might have been
(the photo is the PG version...you know what happened next)...

I now have a killer neck tan line as evidenced below.

Christine was kind enough to host us the first and last night of our trip. In between, we spent a night in Hot Springs, MT where Nicholas went for a "soak". The following day we traveled to Glacier National Park. Neither Nicholas nor I had been there. Glacier is amazing, and we saw lots of mountain goats and a good chunk of the park (more on that in a few days).

I got lots of knitting in because I was the passenger for most of the 1300 miles. I did take several hours of driving every once in a while, but because of this, the shawl/wrap is coming along nicely.

Fiona Apple, David Sedaris, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, and Hot Chip made up our soundtrack for mini-Montana.

Trips like this make me want to move to the mountains and become a pioneer. Sigh.

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