Sunday, November 7, 2010

ghost toys...

found these at the last estate sale on Saturday. Why weren't they included in the estate sale post? 
Because these little creepers deserve a post of their very own.

A very frightened child may have, at one time, played with these.

Oh! You can see part of my Care Bears glass. Grumpy Bear. I should really go watch that movie. Nicholaaaasssss.

Come on. Look at them. They're effing ghost toys with crazy eyes. They were in a box with Christmas ornaments (like the walnut shell knitting basket). The box said: "Ornaments. 10 cents each." When I put them on the table, the woman with the cash box said, "Free."

"I think they're 10 cents each," I said.

"Free," she said.

OK, free then. No problem.

I think the brown-spotted cow has another cow growing out of her face.

Hey, have a super night.

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