Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I like to pretend I'm one of the March sisters.

When the power goes out, I can't help but think of Little Women. More specifically, I think about how I could have totally been a March sister. I have quite a bit of practice because being a Nicolai sister isn't so much different than being a March sister. Christine would be Jo March because she's the writer.  Monika would be Amy because she's the Amy-est one. I would probably be Beth, and Beth is dead. It's either Beth or Meg and Meg has babies and who really wants babies?  Not this one (this one being me). 

I'm not just reminicising about past times without power, our power was out. It's been out for about a day.  It's pretty boring when you don't have power.  It's also kind of a pain because I have a slight case of flame OCD where I'm constantly thinking of ways in which the house will burn down and take my cats with it.  It's weird...I know.  God, now I just want to watch Little Women, but THE POWER IS OUT!  I could open up the book, but I've already memorized the movie and that's satisfying enough.  True story coming at you: I remember when my mom took my sisters and me to see Little Women and Christine was all in her, I'm 14 and I write stories with lots of death in them phase...anyway there was some quote towards the end of the movie that she wanted to remember for a story.  We get out to the car and she can't remember it so she gets all dramatic and makes some statement like, "now I'm going to have to go see the movie again because there was one passage that I need to write down."  So dramatic. That was in 1994. I was nine, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  Steel trap [pointing to head].
There was an earthquake today. That happened. I felt it. 

On Sunday Nick and I met up with a swell couple (Jesse and Christal) that we hadn't seen in quite some time. We got cupcakes and they were ok (the company was better than the cupcakes).  I bought a cupcake topper because who doesn't want a ballerina on the top of their cupcake?

I also thought that the ballerina would be good practice for Disneyland.  I'm trying to embrace all things magical!

Sunday morning the domestic partner and I hit up a couple of estate sales (this was pre-cupcake).  I was feeling slightly delicate and was in need of coffee so we stopped at the Bread Peddler and got a snack/beverage.  The logo always makes me think of Beauty and the Beast...Marie the bagettes, hurry up! 

I bought a nesting table at a sale in Tumwater, but the real deals came in Tacoma.  Cue Lucille Hurst and her estate. She seemed like a real nifty gal.  She was a civil rights activist and avid sculptor/drawer/art collector.  I bought an old metal trashcan with a bow on it (so cute...maybe an umbrella stand), an original hardcover copy of Cry the Beloved Country (shout out to 7th grade honors English), and a dainty little handkerchief. 


Nick bought a beer candle. There's a story behind the beer candle purchase, but I won't bother. I said, "why...no....really?"  Nick said, "it's hilarious....yes...definitely."  Old ladies laughed.  There was another estate sale in Tacoma where I purchased a nice old salmon-colored pyrex bowl and some random knitting things.                 

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