Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second Saturday, same as the first.

For the second Saturday in a row I had to make myself scarce so my landlord could crawl up into my ceiling and do something with wires and electricity. His crawl-into-the-ceiling ladder blocks access to my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, so I decided leaving the apartment was the best course of action. Normally, something like this would be grounds for a session of day-long grumpiness on my part, but today there was an asiago bagel from The Ultimate Bagel, six estate sales, a visit to the liquor store, and a trip to Target to buy invitations for Mom's upcoming 60th Birthday Party Bash Extravaganza! And at the end of the day (so now, basically), I'm in a pretty good mood. I found some awesome stuff at the estate sales, and I ate the heck out of that bagel.

Oh and one more thing. Remember last week when I mentioned the best Spokane thrift store, which no longer exists because its roof collapsed in 2008? Well, I found its new location today! It's in the shady part of the valley (Spokane Valley), and when I say shady, of course I mean skeezy. Lots of gentleman's clubs, lots of bars next to manufacturing companies, stuff like that. But still, it's there! I was very excited. I sent Catherine a text.

Usually, I'd have posted a couple estate sale pictures by now, but I'm not sure if there's anything I can post yet. I think much of it will end up on the gift pile or on the gift accoutrements pile. That's why, for now, I have to keep it secret, keep it safe. Monika knows what I'm talking about.

I feel like a jerk with all text and no pictures.
So, here are some estate sale finds from this summer.


Ribbons and notebooks, and so on and so on.

Brooch and tiny doilies.

Fuzzy chipmunk and tablecloth.


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