Wednesday, January 19, 2011

badges of (on my) honor

After making the badge for Mom's birthday, I decided Monika and Catherine also needed badges. Thus, a Second Christmas present project was born. I've already posted a couple shots of the embroidery portion of the process.
You may remember Matilda's annoyance. 
And here are the finished products!

A martin for Monika.

And a fox for Catherine.

I realize these pictures display a fair amount of sweater-clad bosom. Sorry about that, sisters, but it couldn't be helped. Catherine has come to the rescue with a few badge only shots.

I just realized that the fox resembles a corgi!

Yep, I made all those ruffles by hand.

The badges made their official public debuts at the Harry Potter exhibition on Saturday night. Sadly, no photos were allowed inside, but I did dawdle behind long enough to take a few shots outside the Pacific Science Center and the Space Needle. So, let's just add those in for good measure.

A chilly, blustery, drizzly, wonderful day into night.


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