Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peanut & Purls: 2013 Year in Review

Bo Peep scarf

The New Year kind of snuck up on me. Believe me, I wanted this year to be over with since the minute it started. 2013 was a giant sucker punched to the face. I thought it might be nice to take a couple minutes and  reflect on all the things I knit last year. Want to check them out too? 'Course you do!

Socks that I wish I never spent time knitting for someone

Cat heart toys

Woodland shawl that Christine wears all the time!


Jared Flood Guernsey

More cowls

Song of the Sea cowl

Not too bad Catherine. Not too bad at all. I've already finished one knit in 2014 and have three more projects that are coming along nicely. You might have noticed those pesky Battlestar Galactica socks aren't on the 2013 list yet (ssshhhh they're not done yet!).

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