Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Report Inspiration: Safeguarding the Written Word

Christmas clean-up has finally begun here. It pains me to defrock the Christmas tree, but even though it still smells quite like the noble fir it is, the branches are turning brittle. It's time to let the tree go. Sigh. There are also ornaments and decorations, wrapping paper, and boxes to be dealt with. We've accumulated SO MANY boxes. Some are destined for cardboard cat cottages (or villages in progress) and others will be deposited in the recycling bin, but a few lucky boxes are going to be repurposed for storage. This quick project is a good accompaniment for my annoying desire to organize everything in January. New year, new organized life? We'll see...

I have boxes of correspondence tucked away on bookshelves and beneath my bed. Please know that if you've ever sent me a letter or card, I've kept it. I keep all that stuff. Forever. And sometimes I pull out those boxes and read through letters from 1994 and crack-the-hell-up or turn wistful or a little sad. But that's OK. I love that handwritten correspondence makes people and places tangible.

So, this week I received a lovely handwritten letter from my dear friend Abbie. She wrote on actual stationery. I just about flipped out when I opened it. There may have been some squeals of delight. 

I try to write letters to friends and family, but more and more I find myself turning to texts or facebook messages to communicate. So, I'm resolved to write oftener this year. (And yes, I think I've made that resolution every year since beginning this blog in 2010, and I will continue to do so until I'm a correspondence pro.) I wrote thank you notes for Christmas gifts last week, and I've started a letter to Abbie. A letter letter. Yes, on actual stationery.

To make your own correspondence storage, simply repurpose a box with a lid. I found my boxes at work (they formerly held A-2 envelopes), but a shoebox would be perfect. I raided my vintage wrapping paper supply and decoupaged the box lids. Really simple. And please note that I am nowhere near a master decoupager.

At various times throughout the years, I've considered starting a little On My Honor penpal program. There are several bloggers who correspond via mail with their readers, and I think it's incredible. My favorite is Em of ThimbleShe sends lovely letters and is so sweet and on top of her correspondence. I owe her a letter back, and it should have been mailed like 9 months ago. See how much I need this write oftener resolution? I finally started a letter to Em this weekend, so things are off to a good start.

Catherine has excellent sticker sense, like all Nicolai ladies.

Would anyone out there be interested in receiving some handwritten correspondence?

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