Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peanut & Purls & Watercolors...& Beyonce

I first saw this phrase on a friend's instagram post. It was printed on a coffee mug. I decided right then and there that this was a mantra I needed in my life. I recently downloaded Beyonce's latest album, and like everyone else, I'm utterly bewitched by everything she does. So what did I do? I made myself this watercolor. Also, I needed a break from knitting. I just finished knitting all my (late) Christmas/birthday presents, so I need to think about what my next knitting project.

Side note: I accidentally downloaded the clean version of Beyonce's new album from iTunes. Luckily Christine said she would go on and buy the dirty version and we could have both. It really is amazing how bummed I was when I realized that I bought the edited version. We're all good now!

I decided the best place to hang this print would be some place where I would see it every morning. Since I already have my ohgoshcindy Leslie Knopp "ovaries before brovaries" print in my bathroom net to my mirror, the next best place was above the store. While I make my morning coffee and oatmeal I can remind myself that any given day I'm dealt the same hours/minutes/seconds as Queen B herself...

And that's kind of cool! Also cool would be to make a print that says, "I woke up...flawless" and then hang that by the bathroom mirror. So many options!

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