Friday, January 24, 2014

Best of An Idiot Abroad's bungee jump saga

So I was delighted last weekend to find that Netflix has the full series of An Idiot Abroad. The charming travels of Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais' self proclaimed most expensive practical joke ever played.

There are three seasons, the first Karl travels to see the seven wonders of the world, the second he fulfills common bucket list tasks (not his bucket list), and the last is with Warwick Davis and they retrace the route of Marco Polo.

Hilarity ensues. This is a video sequence from the second and third seasons relating to Karl's long tormented relationship with the bungee jump.

This first video is from the first bucket list episode where Karl is heading off to the South Pacific to spend a night on a deserted island; but first has to make a stop in New Zealand for the ultimate bucket list item, the bungee jump.

To give Karl another chance, they send him to Vanuatu, in the South Pacific to land dive at the home of the bungee.

Karl once again comes in to contact with the dreaded bungee on his trip to South Africa to see the gorillas. He makes a pit stop in Soweto to help build some huts, and finds himself at their iconic cooling towers. About two thirds of the way through this video it jumps to the later part of the episode after he did in fact see the gorillas, and is updating Ricky.

And the final video in the bungee jumping saga is from the third season when Warwick Davis is traveling aside Karl on the route of Marco Polo. They go a bit further and on their last night end up on the Macau Tower in Karl's favorite and most visited destination, China. Will he finally do it?

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