Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Handmade Home: New Year, New Pillows

There's nothing like a good pillow to pull a room together. Last year I made some new pillows for the living room, but never really fell in love with them. I used some different fabrics and colors and after a while I decided that they had to go for a cleaner simpler look. Since I'm going for a fresh start this new year, I wanted to reinforce that with some fresh pillows...

I used a light upholstery fabric this time so that they would hold up better, and just made new cases for all the existing pillows in the living room. Olive was quick to try them out... even though based on the look on her fur face she knows that she shouldn't be up on the couch.

I really love how light and simple they are with the nice repeating diamond pattern. It's amazing when you revamp something and it feels like new again. What has 2014 given me so far, pillow excitement! Well, I also have discovered that 2014 is the year of Lucca's backside (see left bottom corner, thanks Lu).

I'm getting energized and Olive is getting exhausted just watching me. Oh Olive, you are such a pill, but I can't blame you those new pillows are simply inviting.

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