Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week I found a dead thrush in the garden beneath the sour cherry tree, and now I have more dead bird pictures in my phone than perhaps anyone should. Well, anyone outside our family. For we sisters, I feel that the number of dead bird pictures in my phone is perfectly appropriate. For the record, this bird was very recently dead and had no discernible marks of attack, so Mom and I decided/hoped it was old age rather than a bird disease. Also for the record, a night creature stole the bird before I could begin the specimen collection process, but not before I poked it with a small stick...

I'm a little obsessed with trying to take night pictures, but not enough that I've actually taken the time to learn how to do it well. Here, I happened to see this rhododendron silhouette under the security light and thought I'd give it a go. Not as bad as all those super-dark moon/cloud jobs I keep instagramming. Sorry. I'll figure it out one day. Maybe.

I've been trying to make some progress on various Valentine's Day projects, and this is evidence of one project that's moving right along. Watercolor flowers in various cheery spring colors.

Sometimes I just go wandering around the backyard and pasture. I hadn't been in the woodshed for a while, so I thought I'd let my wanderings conclude there. I stepped lightly because I was afraid I'd disturb some little critters hibernating, but other than the nice green moss growing on those ceiling beams, no signs of life.

Like sixty crows decided to attack a hawk that was messing around in the woods. The crows have a nest nearby and they do not take kindly to any raptors invading their territory. 

There was a lot of badassness in the school supplies aisle at Target. I started to put this 3D great white pencil case in my cart and then forced myself to put it back on the shelf beside the awesome 3D tiger case. Trying to be an adult can be so difficult sometimes. 

P.S. I also found a dead opossum this week, but you'll have to visit my instagram for the pleasure of viewing that specimen. On Instagram @christinesuzanne or VCSO Christine Nicolai

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