Thursday, January 9, 2014

Made & Found: Accordion Booklets

I checked this book out from the library before Christmas with the intention that I'd make some sweet books as Christmas gifts. Well, that didn't happen. Big surprise. But I still wanted to make use of the treasure trove of handmade book knowledge contained within, so I turned to Chapter 2 and got to work...

Some of the style embellishments on the sample books are a little lame (which surprised me because the book itself seems pretty hip), but How to Make Books has it where it counts: the schematics are solid and pretty dang neat. So, I decided to was time to make a couple of good ol' fashioned accordion books. 

If you can cut, fold, and glue, you can make accordion books. I revisited my vintage wrapping paper stash for some nice endpapers and repurposed these ribbons from my Catbird boxes. (That's right, Monika got us Catbird gifts for Christmas!) 

At first, I was thinking I'd use these little 8 page (double-sided!) booklets for special notes. But once they were finished, I decided it might be interesting to use them as stationery. Receiving a handmade letter/book would be cool, right? And I'd feel all Jane Austen-y when I tied my letter closed. If only they could be delivered in a parcel tied with string and opened and read by candlelight...

I believe I'll now have to close all my correspondence thus: With best love, I am affectionately yours, C.N.

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