Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Peanut & purls and more cowls...

I know what you're thinking. Um...didn't you just post this exact same cowl? Psssshaawww! As if. I posted a totally different cowl. I recently finished knitting (and blogging) about a new seed stitch cowl. This, however, is a moss stitch cowl. Totes different. Don't believe me? I have evidence...

See? The cowl on the left is seed stitch and knit in a completely different color scheme. The cowl on the right is moss stitch and made with my super soft yarn from Port Townsend. They're both knit with baby alpaca, duh, like I would ever use anything else (except I will and do, I just would prefer to only ever knit in baby alpaca).

I couldn't manage to get a photo of the cowls without the dirt cat (aka Peanut) getting in the way. Why are her paws always so dirty!?! I once caught her investigating the attic when she shouldn't have been, but that doesn't explain her current dirt-paw situation. Bad cat through and through.

I really love the fall--it's my favorite season. What I'm really into are days like today when it's crisp and bright and you can appreciate the warmth of a good knit scarf or hat, but you also get the full effect of the warmth in the colors in the autumn afternoon.

I think my new cowl goes with my new fern pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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