Saturday, January 11, 2014


Even though Washington experienced nowhere near the cold snap the rest of the county endured, we did have a couple frosty mornings. Other than the possibility of icy roads, I enjoy a little frost. Everything looks incredibly magical when enveloped in a nimbus of ice crystals, don't you think? 

We had one uncharacteristically gorgeous Saturday last week, so Mom, Catherine, and I took to the road for some Lewis & Clark adventuring. I mean, not true L&C adventuring because the worst we braved was a steep-ish, rooty trail to a lighthouse (and I abandoned that around Dead Man's Cove, real place, because I'm lazy), but we mucked around their Dismal Gulch territory, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. If you're ever in southwestern Washington/northwestern Oregon, you should definitely work this area into your itinerary. 

Since I resolved to have more adventures in 2014, I hope I'll be documenting those adventures on my instagram @christinesuzanne and my VSCO grid  Christine Nicolai. Also, check out Monika and Catherine's instagram feeds because they get out and about too: @monikajane and @cnic

P.S. Here's Olympia's moody sunset, minus the moon. Not too shabby.

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