Thursday, January 23, 2014

Made & Found: Housewarming quilt!

On My Honor readers--you have no idea how honored I am to be given such a bomb-ass housewarming present! Back in July, my good friend Kathy (who has some serious quilting skills) told me she was making me a quilt for my new house. She let me pick from some fabric options, a snappy 6 months later, she more than delivered the goods. Check it!

It turns out when you have such a lovely quilt from such a lovely lady, it goes perfectly anywhere in the house! Don't believe me? Just ask Genevieve. She's been all about this quilt since the moment Kathy set it down.

I always plan to start quilting. I dabble in sewing, but usually I only bust out my sewing skills when I need something fixed (hemmed, altered etc.) or when I need to make curtains. Kathy inspires me. Maybe 2014 will be the year I attempt for real this time. I remember when Kathy didn't quilt, and look at her now--there's hope for me yet!

In case you're interested (and you should be) Kathy does a little bit of blogging herself! She charts her progress on various quilting endeavors over at Little Book Notes. Also worth mentioning, Kathy has one of the best descriptors on her blog--it cracks me up every single time: "Random notes from a single, property-owning woman who lives with cats. I've never fully recovered from learning this makes me exactly the type of person who would have been burned as a witch in the 1600's."

Kathy--if you see this-- thanks again...oh yeah and "MARRY ME!!!" 

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