Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Handmade Home: another handmade valentine

Get ready for another handmade valentine...

So recently I have been dabbling in watercolors, and what a perfect opportunity to fully exert my dabble related skills than making some little valentines cards.

I decided to print text on them, something believe it or not I haven't done in the past. But I chose a couple of sayings that I particularly liked, and felt expressed some valentines sentiment.

Then I sort of randomly selected little pictures to paint on each card. My favorite I think is the 'Let's do this' card featuring a little picture of Ben and my braids that I took on our five year anniversary.

So that's just one little valentine card idea, but if you are looking for more you should check out some of these OMH valentines...

Stately cloth valentines
Cat toy valentines
Valentine craft roundup

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