Saturday, January 18, 2014


"Ocean in view!" O! The joy!" Man on man do I love Lewis and Clark. I mean I loooovvvveeee Lewis and Clark. A few weeks ago some of the Nicolai clan took a nice little day trek down to Cape Disappointment. I'm just a little disappointed in myself that I didn't take the time to visit the actual market for William's famous declaration.

Every time my friend Chelsey is in town I love her a little more. This Christmas she gifted me the most ultimate hand made cat necklace. Win!

I took a much needed stay-cation over the holidays. One day I decided to do some serious furniture rearranging. There was a hammer and chisel involved (the hammer and chisel was unnecessary for what's pictured). Peanut approved.

Pre-funk New Year's Eve night. Puzzles and drinkssss.

We had a very brief sunny and crisp weekend. I took advantage of it by going for a run around the McChord runway--planes for days. It's pouring out now.

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  1. Security risk for sure! We used to walk around the Narrows Airport runway approach property until they double fenced it with barbed wire and signage about Federal Offense yada yada yada. Can't believe you can get that close to McChord...

    My New Years puzzle (opened in 2012) had two missing pieces - @!^*$%!


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