Thursday, October 24, 2013

Made & Found: Woodsy Knitting

I finally finished my Brooklyn Tweed Guernsey Wrap. I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this wrap. The yarn is called meteorite (swoon). All of Brooklyn Tweed's yarn is magical, I've blogged about them before. I think what makes it so special is all the little color flecks that come together to create such dynamic color blends--they definitely add dimension. Five skeins of meteorite later, and my snazzy Guernsey Wrap is complete. Also just typing Guernsey makes me want to live on a farm. Who doesn't want to become friends with a Guernsey cow?

It's a little Nicolai-sister joke that whenever I finish a knitted thing I always talk about just throwing it up in a tree and taking a picture. I see so many knitting pieces photographed in trees. It makes sense I suppose. Most scarves, blankets, and wraps need to kind of hang to be shown off. The Shelter yarn really shows off texture well. I think the lanolin in the wool, helps showcase the ridges.

Check out those color flecks! You can even see a few stray strands of hay leftover. That's how you know that this is some great wool.

Now that the Guernsey is off my needles, I can move on to the next project. Perhaps it will be another Brooklyn Tweed design. Clearly, I already have my eye on several. Christine, mom, and me went for another round of chanterelle hunting today. As you can tell it provided a nice staging area for my newest knit. The next time I get the urge to go traipsing through the forest, I'm going to make sure I have my Guernsey Wrap to keep me warm!

Meteorite will help me blend right in with the forest.

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